A cool new airplane game, just use the mouse to guide the AstroFlyer through the skies and collect the stars for points. This is my first game, it was released this summer and got approx 600 thousand gameplays. I know it’s not much, but I’m still proud. I admit it’s a little bit hard and frustrating. My next flash game will be much easier.

Music by: BeeZerk

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  1. 120
    shad Says:

    how do those native people get so many points?!

  2. 119
    LemonMonk Says:

    I would call 683,060 a good score Hippiccolo, what sort of score do you usually get then?

  3. 118
    Hippiccolo Says:

    LemonMonk, you should probably actually get a good score before saying things like that.

  4. 117
    LemonMonk Says:

    Why is everyone bar Lemonpriest (a friend) and LemonMonk (myself) crap at this game? Do you all have shite mice or something? Btw, we have shite mice and we are getting the top scores all the time, so work harder people!

    What happened to the days when we tried hard to get 1st place? Now it\\\’s all too easy, 3rd place is some Russian with around 600 points when we got here, it\\\’s so crappy compared to the past…

  5. 116
    The Virus Says:

    It could be a million times better. I like the concept, the music track is excellent,
    but it\’s too hard to ba able to enjoy the game. The difficulty curve is just unreal.

  6. 115
    DD Says:

    It’s difficult, but exciting.
    I love this game.:)

  7. 114
    AJ Says:

    Great game! Liked it a lot!!!!

  8. 113
    mzh Says:

    hey man if you could send me a mp3 of the music that would be amazing love the game

  9. 112
    jeremy lafleur Says:

    I love astroflyer its my favoret game

  10. 111
    wowfanatic100 Says:


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