A cool new airplane game, just use the mouse to guide the AstroFlyer through the skies and collect the stars for points. This is my first game, it was released this summer and got approx 600 thousand gameplays. I know it’s not much, but I’m still proud. I admit it’s a little bit hard and frustrating. My next flash game will be much easier.

Music by: BeeZerk

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  1. 20
    Rodie Says:

    Level 9 is HARD! Is it a true that level 10 doesnt exist?

  2. 19
    RIGBY Says:

    this game is da best! fucking insane i love it. We are all on level 8 the underworld, we get stuck on the triangle hole, any tips? we having a team and are battling against other schools. Any fucking nerd that thinks he can take us down fucking comeon then !!!! Matty dee 2kai 8 is one of our boiz!!¬!

  3. 18
    GameZo Says:

    Finally Passes level 4! :P

  4. 17
    Omibear Says:

    Smithers: good luck. That’s too bad about the underworld.

  5. 16
    blaww..... Says:

    dude! i am soooooooooooooooooooooo good at this game….i even past the seventh level!!!!!!!!

  6. 15
    Ash Says:

    Hi, Love this game! I remember reading about the music which you had used but it’s gone! Can you help? :]

  7. 14
    dude Says:

    every level has some sort of theme about how to move
    the fifth level’s theme is going only left and right to avoid obstacles

  8. 13
    Aplayerofgames Says:

    that’s wierd in complete empty space i crashed

  9. 12
    Smithers Says:

    Underworld is the bane of my existence.

  10. 11
    GameZo Says:

    I beat level 4 Finnaly!

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