A cool new airplane game, just use the mouse to guide the AstroFlyer through the skies and collect the stars for points. This is my first game, it was released this summer and got approx 600 thousand gameplays. I know it’s not much, but I’m still proud. I admit it’s a little bit hard and frustrating. My next flash game will be much easier.

Music by: BeeZerk

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  1. 30
    mattgolias Says:

    how do you beat level 7 its impossible.

  2. 29
    Sidsid Says:

    what a great game you’ve made!
    really loved it!!!

    liked the tunes also!
    don’t know what i liked the best, the game or the tunes…
    wondering if there is any way i could get the music…

    keep up with the good work!

  3. 28
    Zenix Says:

    LVL 8 is so hard!!! I got the 100,000 star bonus on LVL 1 and 4…

  4. 27
    Yoshi SteeL Says:

    The game is great! I love it!

  5. 26
    michael Says:

    i´m super micsi you can se mee in highscore list monthly and weekly

  6. 25
    michael Says:

    there are 9 levels i have won astroflyer

  7. 24
    Vokes Says:

    Hey, I pop in every once and a while, there was a point over the summer where I messed around with this game quite a bit however. Astroflyer is great, nice work. Probably the only flash game I’ve played a pretty large amount. Keep it up!


    1, 680, 000pts

  8. 23
    EMMROW Says:

    wtf level 4 is hard and weird

  9. 22
    felipe Says:

    esse game é foda
    o tunel no nivel 4 é foda na parte que tem a quebrada no meio

  10. 21
    ian Says:

    level 10 does not exist! I beat lvl 9 and i just get stuck! is it a glitch?

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