A cool new airplane game, just use the mouse to guide the AstroFlyer through the skies and collect the stars for points. This is my first game, it was released this summer and got approx 600 thousand gameplays. I know it’s not much, but I’m still proud. I admit it’s a little bit hard and frustrating. My next flash game will be much easier.

Music by: BeeZerk

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  1. 50
    michael Says:

    I got all the stars in all lanes but in my highest score and I know if you get all the stars in an orbit s you get 100,000 points

  2. 49
    michael Says:

    sorry Jamili. I spelled wrong because I am 11 years gammel.Og I said sorry to you because I said you had hacked
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  3. 48
    Jamili Says:

    I have not “hacket” (I think you mean: hacked) anything. The secret to high score is all stars + level 2.

  4. 47
    michael Says:

    You have hacket this game Jamili

  5. 46
    matt Says:

    how many lvls are there?i have got 2, lvl 4

  6. 45
    Ace J. Says:

    Dude, nice game music work!
    I feel excited playing it…


  7. 44
    Jamili Says:

    It appears “super miicsi” is no longer “master of this game”…

  8. 43
    mattgolias Says:

    lvl 8 is pretty hard. once you get the hang of it its no problem though

  9. 42
    Jamili Says:

    crap, I didn’t know smileys were enabled. I meant to say: “wait till you see level 8″

  10. 41
    Jamili Says:

    It’s a vid of a beta version of Astroflyer. Only the part with the green thingy’s is shown, the rest is up to you (but the rest of level 7 isn’t that hard, wait till you see 8)

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