3 Minutes on the Beach

It’s a little 3 minute puzzle game in the style of Tetris Attack, Planet Puzzle League, and Panel de Pon. I realised that there are these really cool games on Nintendo consolesand handhelds but not in flash. So I decided to make a “clone” and this is my first attempt. Hope You like it…

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  1. 67
    gman Says:

    Dude! I just showed my mom your video and she says you’re a genius and she told us to tell you that too. (:

  2. 66
    gman Says:

    I wish I had so much time to get as good at this game as you are…:/ Unfortunately I have to go to work…do you go to school/have a job? What do you do? I bet it is something to do with computers!

  3. 65
    DanS Says:

    No, I never found any other games I liked this much. Which is most likely the reason I spent so much time with this one :/

    Thanks for the congrats!

  4. 64
    gman Says:

    Dan, that was amazing! You totally made our night. (I say “our” because gman is me and my sister’s screenname…) Do you know any other great games like this?

    Congrats on your skill!

  5. 63
    DanS Says:

    Whish granted, dream come true ;)


    But seriously… I have to stop. I spend waaaay too much time here.

  6. 62
    gman Says:

    Dude, you’re like the master of 3 Minutes On The Beach. I can only hope and dream to be as good as you one day. My dream is to watch you play one day, and watch your amazing technique and skill, and take notes on it.

  7. 61
    DanS Says:

    Hero? What for? For being ridiculously addicted to this silly game?? You must be kidding :D

  8. 60
    gman Says:

    DanS, you are my hero and my idol.

  9. 59
    DanS Says:

    414430 with 164x… I still seem to get better. Makes me wonder if marcosd2 really had a 264 multiplier? But I still think that is fiction.

  10. 58
    gman Says:

    been playing all day. three min on the beach way better than where i really am, in my moms basement, lolz. almost up to 10,000 now!!

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