HDOS Databank request 01

HDOS uses the same engine as 3 Minutes on the Beach but contains 35 levels of mind blowing puzzles to crack. There is a HUGE prize at the end if you manage to unlock all security layers. Playing is easy. Swap two gems by clicking, or move gems to empty places. A level is complete when all gems are gone. Don’t give up!

This game is a tribute to Tetris attack / Planet Puzzle League / Panel De Pon / Puzzle Frenzy / Yoshi’s Island / Pokemon Puzzle Challenge / Half-Life / Portal

If you likew this game, try MERGE too. It’s fun!

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  1. 135
    NaDe Says:

    lvl 01…yellow-blank
    lvl 02…purple-red
    lvl 03…green-red
    lvl 04…blank-yellow
    lvl 05…green-blue, purple-blue
    lvl 06…green-yellow, green-yellow
    lvl 07…yellow-blue, (3rd)blue-red
    lvl 08…(2nd)blank-yellow, purple-blank
    lvl 09…green-yellow, green-yellow, blank-yellow
    lvl 10…green-red, red-blank
    lvl 11…blue-green, blue-blank, purple-green
    lvl 12…red-blue, orange-blue, blue-blank
    lvl 13…orange-blank, red-blank, green-blank
    lvl 14…bring the blues together
    lvl 15…red-blank, bring reds together
    lvl 16…green-purple, red-purple, green-blank
    lvl 17…(top)orange-blank, orange-purple, blue-green
    lvl 18…red-blue, Red-orange, purple-blue
    lvl 19…purple-blank, blank-purple, green-purple
    lvl 20…(2st)green-blank, blue-red, blue-orange
    lvl 21…(1st)green-blank, (2nd)green-blank, blue-orange
    lvl 22…(toprow)orange-blue, purple-orange, purple-orange
    lvl 23…orange-red, blank-green, red-blue
    lvl 24…(toprow) green-purple, (2ndrow) purple-blank, blue-orange
    lvl 25…(4th)orange-blue, (3rd)blank-green, (1st)blank-green, red-blue
    lvl 26…purple-orange, blue-orange, blank-orange, red-blue
    lvl 27…(4TH)red-blank, purple-red, (2nd)blank-blue, green-red
    lvl 28…(4th) yellow-blank, (4th)green-yellow, (3rd) blue-blank
    lvl 29…green-purple, red-green, (3rd) red-blank, (1st) blank-red
    lvl 30…green-red, green-blank, blank-green
    lvl 31…(3rd)blank-blue, blue-red
    lvl 32…(1st)yellow-green, (3rd)green-blank
    lvl 33…(1st)blue-blank, blue-purple
    lvl 34…blue-red, blue-yellow, yellow-red
    lvl 35…(1st)red-purple, (3rd)blank-red

  2. 134
    Sueli Says:

    completei as 35 fases. Tem continuação?

  3. 133
    me Says:

    18 took me a while, but …
    1. swap red & blue
    2. swap red & yellow
    3. swap purple & blue

  4. 132
    Marcia Says:

    Putz estou na fase 18 …… tem solução?
    necessito 4 jogadas e só permite 3 tá saindo fumaça
    da minha cabeça (kkkkkkkkkkk) alguém me ajudeeeeeeeeeee

  5. 131
    Ninja Says:

    This game proves it: white people can\’t dance.

  6. 130
    wAlaNga Says:

    im stock on level 13 some one pls help me :)

  7. 129
    that Says:

    level 10

  8. 128
    123546 Says:

    level 8

  9. 127
    Wakestrom Says:

    To complete lvl 9:
    Move the right yellow star, which stands on an other star, to the left until it falls.
    If this doesen’t help, please let me know.

  10. 126
    tyager Says:

    please,somebody help with 28th!!!!!

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