Use Boxmen

Use Boxmen is just what you need if you want a puzzle platformer made of pure art. Gameplay, graphics, and MUSIC are all there just waiting for you to …well… use them. Combining concepts of Chronotron and Seppukuties this game is really a mashup of so many games, still maintaining the profund simplicity and accessibility of a simple game. Try this.

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  1. 13
    bart Says:

    how do you pass the 5th level?

  2. 12
    bart Says:

    how do you pass the 4th level?

  3. 11
    中国人 Says:


  4. 10
    Hedryk [BR] Says:

    Finish =).
    Nice game =)

  5. 9
    058606 Says:

    to pass 3rd lvl jump off and hold jump and right. then halfway down u press shift.

  6. 8
    lewis Says:

    this is an amazing game but i cannot get past thre tower ones!!!
    help please

  7. 7
    juli Says:

    how do you do the level were you hav to leapfrog?

  8. 6
    huh? Says:


  9. 5
    huh? Says:

    me finish

  10. 4
    windie Says:

    how to pass the 3rd level? i don\’t know how to use the keyboard to jump the long space.

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